When you become a employee of Skolix, you become, in essence, a full-time employee and you will gain many of the same benefits of a permanent employee. Skolix offers a comprehensive and flexible plan that allows you to design your own package according to your needs and those of your dependents. We continually review our benefits in an attempt to provide you with many of the best benefits programs available in the industry.

All employees of Skolix who work a minimum of 30 hours per week are eligible for insurance benefits on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment. Insurance elections must be made within 30 days of your eligibility date. Enrollment for insurance for non-qualifying events is in October of each year.

Medical Insurance:

Skolix offers a comprehensive medical PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Plan through BCBS. This plan allows you the flexibility to pick from a variety of doctors in a network without the hassles of referrals or having to choose a primary care physician. You may opt for single, two-person(employee and spouse or dependent), or family coverage. This coverage also includes a physician's card for your convenience.

Vision Insurance:

It is easy to see that our vision care benefits are cleary a step above. Provided through the Spectra Network, this is also a PPO Plan that is offered as an added benefit through the Medical Insurance plan. At minimal cost, the plan pays a generous amount for regular eye exams, frames, contact lenses, etc.

Dental Insurance:

Skolix offers a flexible dental plan. Through the plan, you may choose your own dentist from a large network. Dental Insurance is considered as an elective part of the Medical Insurance plan and is offered at a minimal cost to employees of Skolix, with a small charge for additional family members. Dental coverage covers 100% for normal preventive services. Your dental insurance provides coverage for preventative, basic, major, and orthodontia services.

Life Insurance and Disability:

Skolix offers to all employees basic Life Insurance at no additional cost. Coverage is two times the annualized salary. Disability coverage is offered to all fulltime employees. Short-term coverage begins on the 8th day of disability and continues for up to 6 months or until the employee is no longer disabled. Under the short-term disability plan, employees, in general, are eligible to receive a percentage of their basic monthly earnings. Long-term coverage begins after the 6th month of disability and continues in general up to retirement age or until the employee is no longer disabled. Under the long-term plan, employees are eligible to receive a percentage of their basic monthly earnings.

Paid Time Off:

Skolix appreciates your hard work and loyalty. We offer Paid Time Off to all fulltime employees in good standing. These days are for whatever personal needs that you have for personal time, holidays, and/or vacation. Should you opt for PTO, then you will receive eight hours of Holiday Pay at your current hourly rate for each of these days.

Payroll Processing:

Even though you may change clients or contracts, Skolix treats your payroll as a permanent priority. We take the responsibility for billing the client. Furthermore, you never have to worry about a paycheck from Skolix. We assume all responsibility for billing to and collecting from the client and for deducting the necessary federal, state, and local taxes from your paycheck. Direct deposit is our payroll method so you can have even quicker access to your money. Our pay schedule remains constant. Deposits are made bi-monthly on or before the 15th and last day of each month. Should either of those days fall upon a weekend, then deposits are made on the Friday before.


Skolix offers a 401K Retirement Savings Plan that allows up to $15,500 to be taken pretax on annual basis. Eligibility to participate in the 401K Plan is the first day of January and July following six months from your date of hire with Skolix. The plan is administered by Securian and includes multiple investment options. Participants enrolled in the 401K who are 50 years of age or older may also enroll in the 401K Catch-Up Plan.

Cafeteria Plan:

Skolix offers to all employees the opportunity to choose from a variety of benefits by enrolling in a Cafeteria Plan. Under the Plan, you may allocate up to $2,500 of your annual salary in pretax dollars to pay for insurance premiums and other related out-of-pocket expenses. Using the plan can create substantial tax savings and control insurance, health care, and dependent care costs. Please plan accordingly due to this being a "Use It or Lose It" provision. Optional Life, Short-Term Disability, and Long-Term Disability insurance premiums are deducted after-tax and are therefore NOT included in the Cafeteria Plan.

Dependent Care:

Skolix offers a flexible spending account for use towards dependent childcare. Up to $2,500/single parent and $5,000/married parent may be deducted annually on a pretax basis to be applied towards dependent childcare. Skolix consultants must be using childcare services so that they can work. Reimbursements are made on a semi-monthly basis. Please plan accordingly due to this being a "Use It or Lose It" provision.

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