I was once asked, “Who are you?” I said..I’m Venky. I was corrected on the spot. “You are not Wenky…you are Venky. It’s..Vh..Vh..Venky”. Guess I had my W’s and V’s mixed up.

So to say, in my very first interview, I was asked to chant my own name for good 10mins and that was more than a decade ago.

Since then, I had the opportunity to work with some very wise, knowledgeable peers and mentors. Saw companies being built and crumble. Won awards. Occasionally took one for the team, because it was the only right thing to do Was invited to join some groups, and exited others for it was “in the best interest of the company!” My appetite for knowledge has always been high, so for a few years, tried teaching and corporate training. Catapulted, few tennis balls and ping pong balls in the name of Six Sigma when teaching cohorts from Boeing, Pratt & Whitney and US Coast Guard, under National School for Quality Management and a facilitated topics in Entrepreneurship and International Business, as adjunct faculty with Angell Snyder School of Business – Ottawa University.

Often, I look back at “where I was” to adjust course for “where I want to be”. One thing I realized again and again, is that its not the status that comes with holding C-level titles but it’s the opportunities that these office present, to make a difference in people’s lives that gave me more happiness. So decided to go off on a tangent and served on non-profit board and mentored few startups too – turned out to be one heck of a rewarding experience and picked up few life lessons as well.

Other then being a good student of what my Team has to teach me, my passion also involves aviation…more on that later!

By the way, I did get my first job – GED exam proctor for prison inmates lodged in state correction facilities across Missouri.