Enterprise Applications

A high priority for many organizations, application integration projects are typically focused on one of the following three objectives:

  • Automating a business process
  • Maintaining integrity between applications
  • Building new 'composite' applications

This is evidenced by the rapid take-up of technologies and architectures aimed at delivering such projects, such as EAI, BPM, and SOA-based integration (e.g. ESB).

Yet without a way to integrate with existing enterprise systems, including legacy applications and data sources, all these projects and architectures are bound to fail. As many companies have come to learn, the "last mile" of integration can end up being a long mile, causing budget overruns and costly project delays.

With nearly 20 years experience of delivering enterprise-class software solutions, Skolix provides a comprehensive library of pre-built adapters and connectors to legacy applications and data sources, allowing seamless interoperability with leading infrastructure platforms,.NET, J2EE, and composite web applications.

In addition, Skolix is the leading provider of change-data-capture (CDC) software, enabling a new breed of event-driven application services and efficient integration based on the changes made to enterprise data sources.

These out of the box components support applications and data sources ranging from Windows to the Mainframe, embedding domain knowledge in each legacy system and taking care of the differences in formats, data structures, protocols, and security.

With Skolix software, customers can simplify and accelerate application integration projects and initiatives, reduce their deployment risks, and leverage substantial returns on their existing enterprise data and application assets.