From CEO’s Desk

Venky Vadlamani

Message to my Team

We are a Team not a family! Our Goal is to be Big and Fast and Fluid. And that’s achievable. No doubts about that cuz’ Skolix strives to offer Context based professional experience for all stakeholders.
  • We embrace, Strategy, Metrics, challenge, test and retest Assumptions, Clearly defined roles and Transparency around decision making and accountability.
  • With a few exceptions, we try to not engage in top down decision making, need for Management approval (Eg CEO review all job offers or advertising.), creation of isolated committees and valuing Planning and processes more than results.
  • We have experienced and knowledgeable Team Leaders and Management members who are experts in their fields (Accounting & Finance, HRM, regulations & compliance etc), who can assist you in most areas of your professional life while at Skolix (eg. Licensing, certifications, benefits etc).

What I do expect from you -

  • You care intensely about Skolix’s success. You inspire others with your thirst for excellence. You are tenacious.
  • You learn rapidly and eagerly. You seek to understand our strategy, market, needs of customers & clients and contribute effectively out of your specialty.
  • Internal “cutthroat” or “sink or swim” or “bullying” behavior is not tolerated.
  • Loyalty is good, but blind loyalty is a burden at certain level! Skolix doesn’t have to be for life. Its ok to assess Skolix’s contribution in your self growth. All we ask is, if we fall short of your expectations, give us a chance to make it up.

Message to our Customers

Trust our Team and Trust our Experience – to Grow your Business.

Venky Vadlamani