Skolix Process

Throughout the lifecycle of a project, Skolix team of highly skilled talent adheres to the following proven process to ensure successful solution creation and deployment and -- most importantly -- customer satisfaction and swift return on investment.

Requirements Analysis

Business and requirements analysis is about asking the right questions at the right time. Done correctly, business and requirements analysis leads to a solid design foundation and, therefore, successful product development. Weak analysis only creates future problems by having poorly defined system boundaries and an unstructured product implementation user Group and Association

Skolix expertise in business and requirements analysis establishes a valued partnership in the following ways:

  • Business analysts work closely with customers -- either on-site or off-shore - to thoroughly evaluate processes
  • Resources with domain expertise are made available on demand, without question
  • Both, a knowledge base for rapid development and a knowledge retention program are fully supported


Skolix business and software analysts utilize a structured approach for successful analysis. The recommended process for each analysis includes:

  • Modeling the existing system and processes, which might be a legacy system or actual business processes
  • Identifying the possible objects, when appropriate
  • Developing use cases for specific systems identified during the analysis phase