Program Management

The Skolix Program Management Center of Excellence (PgM CoE), is a program dedicated to defining and executing the steps skolix must take to strengthen its program management capabilities and to ensure Skolix's Client Advisors are ready to meet our Client's needs. Reporting to the CEO, Skolix's PgM CoE functions as Skolix's think tank, and combines external industry trends and directions with Skolix business, organizational, and geographic requirements and insight.


As the first step in becoming Skolix's Enterprise Growth Advisors, all Skolix Program Managers (PgMs) must complete either accreditation or Skolix certification. Junior Program Manager and Advisory Program Managers are accredited after self-assessment and authorization from supervisors and continue to work under a mentor for no less than 2 years on various client engagements. Senior Program Managers & Executive Program Managers must go through a stringent Skolix certification process. By validating program managers' expertise and skills against consistent worldwide standards, certification helps maintain customer confidence in the high quality of Skolix professionals and it recognizes Skolix professionals for their skills and experience.

Becoming certified is public recognition of achieving a significant career milestone and demonstrating expertise in the profession. Prior to applying for Skolix certification each individual must have:

  • Successfully passed PMI exam (i.e. be a certified PMP or PgMP).
  • Verifiable documentation and approval for mastery/expertise in a well-defined set of PM skills.
  • Several years of PM experience spanning at least 5 verifiable engagements within the immediate 7 years (including specific role, team size, and budget requirements).
  • Verifiable documentation and proof of at least one area of specialty (Technology Transformation, Sales Acceleration, Marketing Empowerment, Performance Mapping, Strategic Transformation, Operational Optimization, Corporate Finance, Process Improvement etc).

Skolix Certification is a well-defined review and verification process with many intricate details. In a broader sense, it involves:

  • Candidate preparing a detailed package with proof of above requirements.
  • Package review, approval, and support by at least two levels of Senior Management.
  • Package review and re-verification by Executive Program Management expert.
  • Personal interviews with the Certification board.

Candidates whose experience, skills, knowledge and education are deemed valid, verifiable and accurate, are certified by the Board as Certified Executive Program Manager.