Rapid Prototyping

The world of software engineering survives and thrives on Skolix and concepts; some great, others unremarkable. The greatest challenge for companies is to convert concepts into actual products or technology demonstrators.

Skolix equips its customers with the tools necessary to rapidly convert concepts into technology demonstrators by quickly converting Skolix into prototype demonstrators using an internal knowledge repository and prefabricated components.

And, it all done before a concept develops into a fully budgeted product initiative, because we understand the importance of proving the viability of the concept while providing a cost effective solution.

In the rapid prototyping phase of the development process, Skolix:

  • Uses on demand resources with the right and relevant technology background
  • Deploys cost effective solutions using a proprietary offshore development model
  • Draws from a knowledge base repository for quick solutions
  • Utilizes prefabricated components to convert specs into working prototypes

As a leading provider of Information Technology Services and Solutions, Skolix provides rewarding and leading edge opportunities for over a thousand technical professionals globally.