Risk Management

The difference between a successful project initiative and a failed one can be depend on how well the company plans for and manages related risk and security issues. And, actions have got to be proactive, not reactive.

Skolix provides clients with comprehensive project risk and security analysis that includes specific recommendations designed to reduce the chance of unexpected roadblocks. Assessments are performed by experts with extensive training and consulting experience specific to the vertical industry and software engineering process.

Every risk management study performed by Skolix culminates with the delivery of written reports that serve as planning documents to be used during project implementation.

Skolix offers the following services to help clients plan for and manage risk:

  • Independent risk and security analysis for project and business processes
  • Risk analysis during project implementation
  • Risk mitigation and planning in close collaboration with the customers project planning team
  • Security assessment and planning for project execution and deployment.
  • Evaluation reports, including suggestions on how to minimize risk related to planning, implementation and deployment