Our Services

At Skolix, we employ a highly flexible methodology when it comes to executing IT projects. Our goal is to align with the client's preferred engagement model, as well as their software development methodology. We appreciate that each client has different philosophies, values, goals and technology preferences. Our aim is to reach a successful outcome through co-ordination and seamless alignment of client practices with a more innovative approach which promises improvement.

We pride ourselves on designing applications with optimal architecture. We leverage the most appropriate technology, deploy the most effective software development models, and test applications through automated and manual processes. We see our commitment through to the end by ensuring successful installation and maintenance of these systems. How can we promise all this? Because we possess expertise in every aspect of Project Management and the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Information Technology is at the heart of business today. Successful companies incorporate leading-edge IT solutions to reduce costs, open new business channels, improve customer service and enhance their firm's competitive advantage. Skolix system development and integration services are designed to improve productivity and achieve business goals.